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Desperate Christians

I am really grateful that Jesus Christ would come on this earth to die for my sins. However, I don’t think Christ died just for me to attend church. Many do not understand what it means to “accept Christ”. It is more than believing He exists. It requires total dependence on Him and having an actual relationship with Him outside of your church. When Christ died he wasn’t only making a new covenant. He was also providing the gateway to Heaven. In John 14:6, Jesus said He is “the way”. That wasn’t only signifying getting into Heaven. Jesus is the way to our destiny, he’s the way to eternal life, and he’s the only way we can live above sin.

Unfortunately, many Christians have become comfortable. Souls are dying without knowing Christ, but instead of us preaching the gospel to them we rather be in our phones all day. We cannot say “Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me”, and then we hide Him from people. We sing songs like “To worship You, I live. I live to worship You(Jesus)”, but we forget about Christ during the week. Jesus wants to be in every part of our life. We cannot pick God up for church services and put Him down at school, around friends, or at work. Jesus didn’t come on earth and die for us to just go to church and wear long skirts, nice hats, fancy suits, sing a few songs, hear a well put together sermon to leave and live like an atheist. Being a Christian is not just speaking in tongues, it is living the way Jesus did.

God is looking for someone desperate for more of Him. Someone willing to seek Him in the good and bad, money or no money, car or on the bus, new clothes or borrowed clothes! A man or woman that will read the bible to know more of God, not just a couple times a week. Someone willing to pray before they get a bad report. It is time to go beyond the external and get a hunger for the One, true Living God!

Jacob wrestled with God all night. God had to touch the hollow of his thigh, which basically dislocated it, to get Him to stop. Jacob’s response was that “I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.” (See Genesis 32:22-32)

  1. Jacob ended up getting the blessing, all because of his persistence. So many would’ve probably just let go once we were asked, but Jacob was determined to get something from God.

  2. After this experience, God changed His name from Jacob to Israel and changed his body. So we see here that any man who has a real worship experience or something intimate with God, will not walk the same as before and will have a new identity.

The woman with the issue of blood could have accepted her sickness and just died, Matthew 9:20-22.

  1. Doctors could not help her at all, for 12 years. She could have just accepted that and died.

  2. She had a need and was desperate for it to be met! She knew Jesus was able to heal her and she had faith to just touch the hem of His garment. By faith she was healed.

  3. Many were bumping into Jesus, because it was packed. What made her any different from anyone in there in need of deliverance? Her faith and desperation!

The reason why many of us aren’t filled with God’s spirit, is because we are not hungry or thirsty enough yet. It is a promise from God that everyone hungry or thirsty for righteousness will be filled, Matthew 5:6. And the truth is, if you aren’t hungry for God, you have your affections on something else. There should be no idol in our lives, God is a jealous God. We have to desire more of Him and stop settling on being mediocre Christians, it is time to seek Christ like never before. No matter what we do in life, if we don’t give it our all, we are wasting our time. Now you tell me, are you desperate for more of Jesus?



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