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Do You Know Him?

This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. (Matthew 15:8)

We often believe that we have “arrived” and so easily get complacent. Jesus said this statement to “religious” people. So many of us attend church and just let it stop there. We go to church with our nice outfits, sing nice songs, and when we leave we go back to our daily routines. “Jesus isn’t an old hymnal. You cannot leave him in the pews, and then come back for Him next Sunday service.” Many believe church attendance considers them as a Christian, when we are actually called to be the church! God wants to dwell within us. If you based salvation on church attendance, what happens to those who have to travel and can’t find a church? Or the churches that were destroyed by hurricanes? God doesn’t want your salvation to be based on the church, but to be centered on Christ.

I have noticed that many people are beginning to misunderstand what it actually means to be a Christian. Being a Christian isn’t about “do’s” and “don’t’s”. It’s about loving Jesus and falling out of love with the world (sin). Yet, we often take it as a “to-do list”: Pray when I wake up, before I eat and before I sleep (check). Read a few chapters in my bible (check). Don’t fornicate (check). Give offering (check). Tweet about Jesus (check). Stop and think, doesn’t this contradict the words of Jesus? God wants us to be madly in love with Him. Not in love with ministry or taking privileges as chores. We must know that we are blessed to be able to read the bible. When there are so many who can’t read or think the bible is false. I know I’m grateful to read and get revelation of the Creator of this universe! Living holy isn’t for me to earn a spot in Heaven. I want to live holy because He is holy and I’ll do anything to prove my love to Him. If He can sacrifice His life for mine, I can live my life for Him.

Many churches are being filled with preachers that don’t know God. Is that arrogant of me to say? No, it’s obvious. People seem to follow those with degrees in theology and divinity, but don’t go to churches where the preacher has the power of God speaking through them! It is the anointing that destroys the yoke (Isaiah 10:27), not a masters degree. People are reading bibles and not knowing God. There isn’t anything wrong with knowing theology, but answer this: If you were sick, would you rather hear about the Greek definition of healing or would you prefer someone with an connection to God come and speak healing into your spirit? Many of us grew up upset with our parents because they would tell us “no” to certain things. Yet, they didn’t do it out of hate, but most times they actually knew what was best for you and knew you should stay away. Why would you listen to a preacher, or friend, that always says you’re right? A person that never corrects you does not care about your future and wouldn’t mind you destroying yourself. Likewise with preachers that never say repent, and preach grace as a license to sin. We must let the church know, grace is extended to those who repent and turn to God. Stop listening to preachers who just want to feed you candy all day. You’ll end up a spiritual diabetic with rotten teeth!

I may not know much, but one thing I know is that people without an connection to God will not be in Heaven. Lets be realistic, God sees that you get bored during worship and don’t even care to listen to preachers when they mention holiness or repentance. Why would He want to upset you and put you in Heaven? If we plan to spend eternity with God, shouldn’t we prepare ourselves from now? God wants true worshippers, not church bench warmers.

Living for Christ is more than attending church, putting “I love Jesus” in your bio, speaking in tongues, and joining 47 different ministries at church. Does God actually know your voice? Or does He only hear from you in times of trouble? We have to take God out of the passenger seat, let Him drive! Surrender to Him. Our lives should line up with the word of God. The way we talk, dress, our music, our company, and our social networks should line up with God. Let’s study His word more than we text. Pray more than we talk. Stop gossiping and condemning people, and start loving and helping them. Lets start fasting, it will be hard because fasting puts your flesh into subjection! In good times or bad, lets develop a prayerful and thankful mindset.

Death seems to be the scariest thought to cross someone’s mind, but that actually isn’t bad. Death without Christ has to be the worst thing ever. If you know Christ, Heaven is where you want to be. Always remember, we will live forever. The life we live right now determines where we spend eternity. Lets not neglect God and start seeking Him. The world may not end today, but I may not live to see tomorrow. So let me ask you do this, do you really know Jesus?



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