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Entertaining My Destruction

It’s easy to be distracted! In fact, I should’ve posted this blog maybe hours ago and kept getting sidetracked with reshaping the blog and other things (which I am still doing, ha!). How many times have you been distracted? Chasing that guy or girl, pursuing money, or simply doing everything but sitting before the Lord and crying out to Him for more of His presence?

There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness. (Proverbs 30:12)

Sometimes, I just have to thank God for being merciful. There has been plenty of times I’ve decided that enough is enough and that I won’t let God down again…. Then I would fall into the same sin. You see, we keep trying not to “let down” a God that we don’t hold up. God wants us to let go of our own pursuits and our will and embrace His. You see, we can’t overcome sin by ourselves. We can only be free in Jesus, and when we are free we must continue to walk in Him or else what we shook off will cling back on us. God’s word says that when we were baptized, we “put on Christ” (Galatians 3:27). The word of God also says to “put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof”. So this shows us that even though we are children of God, we must choose to put on Jesus everyday. To consciously decide to live what the Bible says, not just attend service and be comfortable there. The very same way we put on clothes everyday before we leave home, we must learn to put on Christ going out into this world.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. (James 1:22)

The very same way we can decide to live consecrated and pure lives for Jesus is the same way we can decide to not live the way He wants us to. We can choose to go right back to the darkness and entertain the world, but it won’t be God’s fault that we are still empty. Money, popularity, sex, etc. just cannot satisfy a void in man’s life. If it did, we wouldn’t have rich celebrities committing suicide, chasing more money and attention if it completed them. God is the only one who can satisfy and give our lives meaning, purpose and direction.

It’s funny how people blame a God that they don’t believe in. You can’t push God out of society and then blame him when tragedy happens. If we loved one another the way God intended, we would have no confusion on this earth. If we take God out of schools but place bibles in prison, what message are we really sending? Maybe less people would end up in prison if we allowed our children and our lives to be centered around Christ.

Listen to this, and I won’t even try to be deep about it, we will never find peace and happiness outside of Christ. That ex who led you into sin and a heart full of brokenness is going to lead you back to the same position. So why go back expecting different results? Even the “good” wo/man you may have now will lead you to destruction if they aren’t following Jesus and strengthening you spiritually. That pornography/lustful images you see on social media nowadays is only poison that is slowly desensitizing you. You will eventually be in bondage to perversion if you don’t take a stand.

People have the wrong idea of Jesus sometimes. The bible labels God as a “man of war” (Exodus 15:3). The bible mentions Jesus turning over tables when He saw the house of God being turned away from prayer to selfish gain (Matthew 21:13). You must understand that just like our lord, we must learn to fight! Take a stand against the attacks the enemy sends. “No weapon formed against the people of God will prosper”, true, but every spirit that we entertain has access into our lives. Are you pressing towards God and taking a stand against satan? Either you are fighting or you have already surrendered your spirit to defeat, heartache and pain.

Grace and peace,

Tovares Grey



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