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Godly Man vs Church boy

Ladies, this one is for you. I’ve noticed that many times women set themselves apart to be virtuous women and to get a good husband. That is respectable, but how does she know if that guy is from God or he’s just a random distraction along her path? Here are a few tips to be aware of.

1. A Godly man is in church for Jesus, a church boy goes to see what’s going on or which girl he can get next. Ladies, before you develop feelings for this guy, watch his spiritual life. A Godly man may not be perfect, but he wholeheartedly tries to follow a perfect God. Watch him to see if he’s growing or trying to grow, and not just attending service and jumping from girl to girl.

2. A Godly man will lead you to Jesus, a church boy will lead you to either himself or his bedroom. It’s hard to remain pure in a culture where sex sells and it seems that you’re the only one trying to honor God in your body. But I have news for you, everyone isn’t doing it. A Godly man will respect your purity and will protect it at all costs. A Godly man will rather break off the relationship than have you stumble, a church boy wouldn’t mind if you compromised your purity.

3. A Godly man isn’t materialistic, a church boy is. Be careful of any guy that cares more about “swag”, money, fashion, and Instagram follows than he does about about his walk with God. A Godly man may not have much, but if he has Jesus he has everything he needs. He won’t be seeking ways to get ahead all the time, he will be praying for others to be blessed.

4. A Godly man prays, a church boy preys. Examine his lifestyle. A man that prays a lot realizes he needs Jesus or else he will fail. If he can pray and reach God, he can surely lead you and a family. Remember that your future sons will imitate him, don’t waste time on a boy that preys on available girls.

5. A Godly man will see more than your looks, a church boy will see your body. Looks fade, shapes change, and the person you are at 21 will not be the same at 35. Don’t be with someone who is immature and only wants beauty to show off to his friends. Does he even know your likes and dislikes? A Godly man will call you beautiful and mean it, a church boy will flirt around and call you sexy because that’s what’s on his mind…SEX!

It’s okay to desire a relationship, but it’s dangerous when you’re willing to walk away from Jesus to get one. Keep God first. Don’t lose sight of Jesus because of attention from a church boy, wait on a Godly man that’ll lead you to Jesus. Grace and peace.

– Tovares Grey



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