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Let it Go

The battle is won in the mind. We as Christians must know that living for Jesus is more than a Sunday thing, but a continual dependence on Jesus. We sometimes allow our minds to be deceived thinking that sin is too good to let go of. If we knew how filthy our sins are and how great God’s love for us really is, we wouldn’t turn back to it. I pray that we will stop living lukewarm and double-minded lives. God wants us to evict the sins out of our life that is being a hindrance in our walk with Him. Ever wonder why there isn’t much growth or miracles in church? Maybe it’s because the fear for God is long gone and we use grace as an excuse to not change. Jesus didn’t save you in order to make you better, He saved you to make you over. Don’t try to put God into your schedule, fit your schedule around God. 

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, (Hebrews 12:1 ESV)

Don’t let your mistake become your lifestyle. You may have failed, sinned, backslid and even gotten weary along the way, but grace can lift you up. Just know that no matter how much God loves you and cares, He is still a gentleman. He will not force His love on you. You can’t reject Him any longer to accept things of this world, you have to make the decision to accept His grace and live in His presence. I don’t mean go to church and find some cool Christian hobbies. I mean forsake this world in order to gain Christ. Think about it, that sin you enjoy, if it was so awesome why did you feel disgusted with yourself after? It’s because God’s spirit inside of you is convicting you and reminding you that He is better. I’ve done so much that felt good and when I finished had me like…. Ummm, was that really me?

The truth of the matter is, even though we are human, we choose to sin. We often fail to realize how harmful it is though until we are finished. We have to start living more careful because the devil tries to catch us with the subtle sins and worldly things, that before we know it, we are being entertained by ungodly things. Just as though we have to choose to sin in our mind first, we can choose to live in obedience to God. The Bible says let the mind of Christ be in you (Philippians 2:5). How do we do this? By renewing our mind (Ephesians 4:23). We have to renew our mind with God’s Word, prayer and fasting. Let’s be honest, social networks, technology, and other things we get hooked to isn’t harmful, but it isn’t spiritually beneficial. We should spend less time with things that doesn’t necessarily cause sin, but pull our hearts and attention from Jesus. We can’t check His Text (Bible) if we are so busy checking our text messages all the time.

The devil isn’t afraid of tongues, church music, or someone praising God. What scares him is when a believer understands who he/she is and walks in authority. Jesus rebuked the devil with the Word, “it is written….” We only overcome the devils temptations when we submerge our hearts and minds in His Word and in prayer. God’s Word is our light in a dark world (Psalms 119:105), the Word cleanses us (Psalms 119:9) and if hidden in our hearts it will also help us to live according to His Word (Psalms 119:11). What a tragedy that the only thing that really helps us is what we stay away from. 

By no means am I saying I’ve reached the level I’m saying we should strive for, I’m in pursuit of more of His glory just like you. I just want to remind you that none of us will get more of Christ without letting go of more of the world. John said, Christ must increase but he would have to decrease (John 3:30). Let that be your goal for this year and the rest of your life. More of Jesus and less of us. 

Grace and peace, Tovares Grey




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