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Men Know EXACTLY What They Want!

Men know exactly what they want!… Pretty bold statement and unfortunately, most readers are probably already disagreeing with me. The fact of the matter is, a real man may be unsure of some things, but they are never indecisive. Here is proof that a real man knows exactly what they want.

1. Jesus, the perfect man for us males to emulate, was purpose driven. 

Since the day Jesus came on Earth, he had a mission in mind – to redeem us… To win back HIS BRIDE! Jesus received more opposition in a day than most of us will see in a lifetime. Jesus only had a few people in his inner circle, but his love was stretched out to all. True love is when you don’t quit when friends betray you and the ones you are trying to help turn away from you. Jesus showed us that the agony of the cross was worth enduring to get what he loved, us.

2. A real man doesn’t need several women to be satisfied. 

A real man finds his contentment in Christ so he will never seek several women to complete him. He doesn’t flirt around and he doesn’t entertain every random girl who throw themselves at him. He is chasing God, not skirts. He knows loving one woman is enough and he chooses a woman that helps him spiritually.

3. A real man makes his intentions clear. 

If you have to guess what his plans with you are, there are no plans. A man who wants to date you for years before marrying you isn’t interested in you he’s just afraid of being single and just wants someone there all the time. Does a godly man rush marriage? No, but he isn’t going to need 10 years to know if you’re for him because he spends his time with God. God would have let him know way ahead of time if he should pursue you. Ladies, a WCW post and occasional dates doesn’t mean he’s in love. Never allow yourself to give covenant benefits to a convenient person. Men don’t take advantage of women, he respects God too much to mistreat his daughter.

4. A real man doesn’t give mixed signals. His life produces fruit.

Wise men are careful of what they entertain. They don’t want to preach Christ and live a life of sin.He wouldn’t seek a virtuous woman while following immodest women on social media. He wouldn’t lead a woman on if he didn’t want her in the future. He struggles, but he doesn’t allow mistakes to define him. He allows God to mold him daily.

5. Real men work and wait for what they love.

Let’s be honest, we’ve seen guys wait in line for Jordan’s, video games, and other unimportant things like new iPhones. We all know men are patient for what interests them. Jacob waited 7 years for the woman he loved and then was tricked with her sister, and continued another 7 years for her. He wasn’t foolish. He was man enough to seek what he wanted. Don’t think today you have to rush anything, good things take time.

If you’re a man, strive to do these things more. Ultimately, you want to live more like Jesus. Seek him before you seek a woman. If you’re a woman reading this, don’t settle for less. No man is perfect, but don’t feel you have to compromise and lower standards to entertain childish boys when God is preparing a real man for you. Grace and peace.


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