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Peace Be Still

No matter who you are, where you come from or whatever you believe, there will come a time in your life where you will experience difficulty. Many believe money is the answer to their problems. Even though I agree that money can solve many things, it cannot bring happiness. If that were the case we wouldn’t see many millionaires kill themselves, business owners lose everything in a day, neither would we have celebrities that feel empty and turn to drugs or alcohol.

There are only three types of people in this world: 1. Those going into a storm. 2. Those already in their storm. 3. Those coming out of a storm.

We all must experience difficulties at some point in time. Many of us who claim to be Christians get discouraged and sometimes even walk out on God when things go “wrong”. I really wonder which bible they read because my bible said that “righteous” people will have many trials. However, it promised that God would deliver us out of all of them (Psalms 34:19). We always get the mindset that if God is all powerful, why would He let the devil harm me? However the devil cannot harm you, he can only show us where our heart lies.

Job was a man that walked upright before God and didn’t even like the sight of sin (Job 1:1). However, God gave the devil permission to step in and mess up everything around Job (Job 1:8-12). When Job went through this experience I could completely understand any frustration that he may have had, but he never turned his back on God. Job’s very own friends didn’t understand the process God took him through and criticized him. However, when it was all said and done, God restored double back to Job (Job 42:10).

Many of us pray and ask God to use us, but did you know that was a way of being used for His glory? Sometimes we lose things we love, but it’s not for us to cry or murmur, it’s for us to realize that God is all we need. Job really cared about his children, it’s evident when the bible mentions him making daily sacrifices for them (1:5), and it’s clear that he had much riches (1:3). However, that all left and all he had was God. However, if God is all we have, we have all that we need. Even if people do not understand our process, God has a purpose for it. Jesus rebuked Peter and called him “satan” (Matthew 16:23). Was Peter a child of satan? No. However, Jesus only came on earth to be crucified. Anyone who wants to stop God’s process in your life is NOT your friend, they are a spiritual hindrance. So Jesus had to rebuke Peter and assure him, our lives are for God’s glory not for physical comfort.

If God decided to shake your life upside down, would you still say you trust Him? If none of your bills were paid and you didn’t have a job, would you still believe He is Jehovah Jireh, The God who provides? If everyone that you cared about walked away, would you chase them or look up to Jesus? Lets be honest, those are not easy questions and many of us struggle with those. When my uncle was murdered, I didn’t know what to do. I basically internalized it and stored up so much anger. Now that I think of it, God is still healing me from past hurts like that. However, God can’t work on our behalf if we don’t trust Him. I would not have made it past that season if God did not give me peace in my storm.

Jesus purposely went into a boat with his disciples knowing that their would be a raging storm. To make things worse, He went to sleep. I don’t know whether to laugh or not, but if I was in that scenario maybe I would have cried. The disciples saw the boat filling up with water and woke Jesus up asking if He didn’t care if they died. Jesus rebuked the very weather and asked His disciples why didn’t they have faith. The storm could’ve been caused by the devil, but the glorious truth is that God has the power to quiet every problem in our lives (Mark 4:35-41).

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8), so if he could calm storms then, he can now. If Jesus could heal the sick before, your sickness isn’t a problem. I know so many people God has healed from several sicknesses, so I’m sure God can heal me if He ever allows me to be sick in the future. That lump the doctors told my mom they saw, is gone because of the power of God. That bill I did not know how it would be paid, God provided. You think lust is unbearable, look around and see how many people God has helped. Your scenario is not always like others, but your God can handle any situation.

Many are still going to leave this blog and be afraid when they meet obstacles, but just continually remind yourself: God is able (Ephesians 3:20). Never forget it. Do not go by what you see, go by what God’s word said. When your prayers seem to be delayed, don’t think they are denied. Just keep praying (Luke 18:1-8). God bless!

– Tovares Grey



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