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Even though it is a Christian’s duty to evangelize, I believe many of us never understand this concept. If you believe anything Jesus said, you would know that Hell is real. I know many never focus on this topic and love to talk about God’s grace. However, if Heaven is real so is Hell. If we don’t share the Gospel, many people will be lost. We (me, anyone reading this, or anyone claiming to be a Christian) all have a responsibility to tell someone about Jesus. Of course many of us will never reach thousands, but maybe if you reached one person, they could reach thousands. Each one reach one! Many people stress missions, and I completely believe that they are important (Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8). However, do not feel you must go to other countries and totally overlook those right next door to you.

What are some things that stop us from evangelizing? I’ll give a few and tell you why to not let them bother you. 1. Fear! Fear of rejection, fear of not knowing what to say, fear of people attacking us and saying our God isn’t real. – If someone rejects the Gospel, they rejected Jesus not you. Stop taking it personal! Just go to someone else. Everyone will not believe. Jesus saves not us, so plant the seed and move to someone else. – Don’t know what to say? Share your testimony. Many can reject scriptures, but they cannot reject God delivering you from anxiety, porn, self-hatred, bitterness, drugs, alcohol, homelessness, etc. Your testimony is someone else’s deliverance. – If they do not believe, that’s fine. Perfectly fine! God saves. Just pray for them.

2. No time! I’m busy with school, work, the family, etc. Many will not like this, but honestly those are poor excuses. – We find time for television, mall, phone, and many other things that we are interested in. You do not find time for God’s work, you make the time! – Many of us use social networks. People read our tweets, statuses and definitely see our tumblr and Instagram pictures. Many of us will never win a soul unless we shape up what we put on social media. The apostles did great things without any technology, it is time that we use these things as assets and not liabilities for someone’s spiritual growth. I can not follow someone who claims to be Christian and they seem to be more worldly than a nonbeliever. Let’s get it together guys!

3. We just do not care to! – Any man who thinks he’s on the way to Heaven and does not want others to go with them does not have the right to say they are Christian. – Jesus was compassionate. He loved, rebuked and helped. Why can’t you just tell one person that Jesus loves them? Just invite them to church and let God convict them haha, but seriously. Be bold and caring enough to win some souls!

Ask yourself these questions? – Has anyone ever told you they will come to church or become a Christian because they admire the way you live? – Have you been able to get someone to come to church this year, and if so are they still there? – Living like the world will not draw any unsaved, so do you live like Jesus in every aspect of your life? – Do you tell people at school and work that you are a Christian (even when they are homosexual/lesbian, atheist, Muslim, etc.)? – Do you treat people of different beliefs with equal respect?

And do not worry, answering yes does not mean you’re better than anyone or self righteous. Answering no does not mean you are a sinner and headed to Hell. However, all of us could do better trying to win people to Christ. Jesus did not die for us to turn His church into a modeling contest, a carnal concert, or a place for self righteous people to stay in their bubble. Ministry is not only in church, ministry is when you go outside the church and then face battles. Ministry is when people look at you funny, but you still smile and share Jesus. Ministry is when people do not believe and do not care, but yet you serve them.

I know many really don’t care to hear me or believe me, but it has never been about me. It is all for His glory. Let’s go share the Gospel!

And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. (Mark 1:15)

– Tovares Grey



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