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We Launched a Podcast!

Hey everyone! No long post today, just a quick blog to inform you all that we have recently launched a new podcast! That’s right! A new podcast. This is long overdue, but it’s here now!

One thing… Would you do us a favor by helping us to promote it? The podcast is currently on all of the major apps we stream podcasts on. Click the link below for where you plan on subscribing and listening:

Apple Podcasts



Google Podcasts

If you use any site that wasn’t named above, please check to see if we are on it. If we aren’t yet, let us know and we’ll get it over there!

Apple podcasts has a feature where we can give a rating on the content and we’d love if you all could give us a 5 star rating and a review when you have the time!

Are there any topics you care to hear discussed? Please comment them below!

We have more exciting things coming soon as well…. like Godly Dating 101 merch! Stay tuned. Our first design should be here NEXT WEEK, God willing.

Love you all!

Grace and peace!


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