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Who’s my Lord?

Many times today we misunderstand the Bible and think quite deep when it concerns simple principles. For example, we love the phrase “Jesus is Lord”, but I question whether or not we understand it. Without question, Jesus is in control of every situation and nothing can happen (both good and bad) without the approval of God. However, when we begin to say the phrase or even personalize it, “Jesus is my Lord and Savior”, do we mean it?

Lord means Master. Paul once said that He was a slave for Christ, not necessarily belittling himself, but showing his relationship with Jesus. He is a prisoner to the will and purpose of God (Philemon 1:1). Paul didn’t think it was too much for him to be souled out to Christ or to be persecuted for His name, he counted everything as a privilege and served Jesus with passion and love. When you willingly submit yourself as the servant of someone, you are expected to serve them with joy.

And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? (Luke 6:46)

Let’s reflect on our daily actions (either right now or after reading, think for like two minutes and see where we are spiritually). Am I calling Jesus Lord and living as though He doesn’t exist? Am I a Christian that goes about my schedule living like an atheist? You see, many are in church but they aren’t following Jesus, they want Him to follow them. They make plans before praying and after things are finalized they consult God expecting His approval or blessing. God isn’t going to just meet our every request when it’s for selfish gain. God wants our hearts daily, not just on Sundays and at church services.

I pray right now that every reader will understand my point in writing this, or will see something that makes you want to submit more to Jesus. Remember, God draws closer to those who draw close to close to Him, but He cannot be your Lord when you’re your own god.

Don’t follow yourself, you’ll fail. Follow Jesus and let His spirit guide your life.

Grace and peace, Tovares Grey



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