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Spiritually Obese Christians

I know that the title of this blog may seem funny to some, and to others may seem offensive. Let me first say, I am not prejudice or a hater of “overweight” people, neither do I make fun of anyone’s figure. Beauty isn’t a shape. I am only giving you what God has placed in my spirit.

In short, obesity is a medical disease caused by an excess of fat build up. One does not become obese over night. If you eat big meals, unhealthy foods, or just eat a lot, eventually you will gain much weight. A person can know if they’ll become obese if they examine their eating habits. That person has a choice of slowing down, exercising, or just not caring. If changes aren’t made, that person will have serious health issues in their future.

Spiritually, we can all be obese and not realize it! Some people often call the devil names like “stupid” or “foolish”, but he has many fooled under his schemes. The devil is not the type of person to just offer you something big at first, because you’ll know to deny it. However, he starts with small portions, and then eventually he has us in his traps. You may be confused so let me give you some examples: The devil won’t just tempt you to sleep with someone before marriage. He starts off by sending someone your “type”. He makes sure they are kind and that they’re there for you in a low point of your life. That guy/girl isn’t going to just be in your bed overnight. He allows your spirit to weaken through the lustful text messages, the naked pictures, and even the occasional touching. Before you know it, you had sex outside of marriage. He knew if he just threw a person talking about sex at first you wouldn’t fall, so he allowed time for you to grow weak. Some battle with pornography. He allows you to get on social networks like “Instagram”. At first, things are fine, but after time goes by and all you see is women/men revealing themselves, you’ll be hooked again. It is like being in a restaurant. The main course is not served at the beginning. First, they’ll offer you many different appetizers. So many of us have indulged in things and thought it was fine in the beginning and it’ll just be this once, but now our spirits are weak and our flesh are out of control. Is it because we are failures and don’t love God? No, it’s because you’re human. You’re tempted everyday, sometimes you may just fall down.

What do I recommend to those who fall into these situations(not just the examples above)? The Holy Ghost Gym! How does this gym work? Prayer: Prayer is communication with God. We act like those who we spend time with. If we talk with God, we will begin to talk like God. If we walk with Christ, we will begin to walk like Christ. The more we pray is the more familiar we will be to God’s voice. The real reason why most of us cannot hear God’s voice is because we are listening to so many other voices: friends, family, society, false doctrines/teachings. In prayer we surrender our will to God’s will. Prayer isn’t where we present our Christmas list to God, it is where we say “not my will, but thine be done” (see Luke 22:42). Time spent in prayer is not time wasted, it is time invested. Word of God: Many read their bibles occasionally, and most even memorize verses. However, that is meaningless if we do not apply it to our lives. Reading God’s Word without the intent to apply is equivalent to chewing food without planning to swallow it. But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. (James 1:22). God wants us to obey, not just to read and think that’s all He expects of us. Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word. (Psalms 119:9). The word will clean us of our sinful lifestyles, if we obey it. Fasting: This is not starving yourself. You can actually fast from things other then food (social networks for example). When you fast, you allow your flesh and carnal desires to decrease while God increases in you, see John 3:30. Many only fast when they’re in trouble, but this should be an ongoing thing. Fasting brings humility (Psalm 35:13) and fasting also is done to destroy satan’s works and bring deliverance ( see Isaiah 58). The same way that we get lazy in the natural is the way we are in the spirit. We know when God is calling us to let go of sin, technology, relationships, etc. and get into His word, but we often say “maybe later” or “I’ll get to it after this”. If we want to have a strong relationship with God, we have to start spending more time with Him, and that’s outside of church. God is a gentleman, He won’t force us to do anything. If we want to spend our entire day with our girlfriend/boyfriend, video game, cell phones, social networks etc. He will surely let us.

Many do not work out but yet they don’t gain weight. That is the perfect example of those who have “a form of godliness” or those who “look/act saved”, but yet they have no relationship with God whatsoever. God will say to many who attended church faithfully “I never knew you” (Matthew 7:23), and that’s because when we should be spending time with Him we found every excuse to be occupied. When we should’ve been a light in this dark world, we chose to conform and live in sin.

Obesity kills over a period of time, just like sin. It may start off small and end up into something that you cannot control. The one day you take the devils bait and think its fine, he keeps feeding you until you are no longer obeying God, but him. Just because “everyone is doing it” or because it doesn’t seem like a “big sin” doesn’t make it right. Jesus didn’t die to give us an excuse to keep sinning, He died to free us from the power of sin. We no longer have to submit ourselves to please the flesh.

I pray that after reading this blog, someone will go away and make adjustments. We shouldn’t read God’s word and stay the same, it is time to change. Stop accepting the devils offers, you’re better than that.

Continue to fight and press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God, in Christ Jesus.

God bless you, Tovares Grey



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